Reflection of the world

Shot these water droplets hanging from a plant branch after some showers during the monsoons. Used reverse lens technique to get the sharpness and fill in flash to light up the subject.

World as seen in the water droplet


Canon 500D with 500mm reversed at 1/50s shutter


What i liked:

  • Sharpness and the reflections in the water droplet

What could have been improved:

  • Had the background been scenic, the droplets would have shown more beautiful.

Insect: Macro shot

My first attempt at the Macro Photography but without using any macro lens or filter. Used Reverse Lens technique to achieve good amount of magnification.

Insect ID unknown


Canon 500D at 1/60 shutter and reverse lens

ISO-3200 with 50mm reversed

What i liked in the image:

  • Sharpness in the eye/image

What i didn’t like:

  • Grain due to high ISO