Panning shot

My second attempt at the Panning effect. Clicked these guys while standing on the ground. Had to move the cam slightly with their motion to capture the effect (of course having the right shutter speed).

Race with me


Canon 500D at F/14 and 1/30 s shutter

ISO-100 at 50mm

What i liked in the image:

  • Nicely captured panning effect

What i didn’t like:

  • Would have loved more if the bike was fully captured

Speed thrills

My first attempt at the panning shot. Tried to capture the shot of a car racing along with the train i was travelling in.

Racing with the time


Sony H-20 with F/9 aperture and 1/60 shutter

ISO-80 at 17mm focal length. PP in Photoshop

What i liked about the image:

  • Nicely captured motion of the car
  • The complimenting background