Flying the Kite High

Clicked this pic at office during the Independence Day celebrations. Went behind the person flying this kite, and managed to focus on him and make kite out of focus (it was bit difficult as the kite’s motion is faster than we can focus).

Flying the kite


Canon 500D, at F/8 and 1/160s shutter

ISO-100 at 55mm

What i liked in the image:

  • Properly captured kite flying high
  • Lovely sky in the foreground
  • Kite thread also visible.


Some creative shot displaying the word FRIENDS, clicked this pic at office using the help of my buddies to act the letters with their hands. Clicked the letters individually and later joined them in the Photoshop.


Camera iPhone

What i liked in the image:

  • Beautifully created letters with hands.


Good old days…

Shot of a worn out bicycle before some worn out wall that reminds me of the good old days. Clicked this scene at the terrace of my house in the older part of Delhi.

Good old days


Canon 500D at F/2.8 and 1/400s shutter

ISO-100 at 50mm

What i liked:

  • Liked the feeling of the old days
  • The composition

The Riders

Clicked these boat riders who were practicing their skills at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. Did some processing to provide it a Black and White look so as to frame it in time.

Boat Riders


Canon 500D at F/16 and 1/320 s shutter

ISO-100 at 55 mm focal length

What i liked in the image:

  • Goes well with title
  • Composition of the image
  • Rule of thirds followed

In Flight: Jet Plane

One of my first shots with my newly bought tele lens. Was lucky enought to spot this plane in flight and capture it.

In Flight


Canon 500D at F/5.6 and 1/250 s shutter

ISO-100 at 250 mm

What i liked in the image:

  • Nicely captured plane in flight
  • Sharpness as we can see the plane well even after zooming the image
  • Leading Lines

Wanna Drink?

Clicked this shot of glass of drinks at some party, loved the psychedelic colors in the drink.

Wanna Drink


Canon 500D at F/1.8 and 1/5 sec shutter

ISO-1600 at 50 mm

What i liked in the image:

  • Psychedelic colors of the drink
  • Rule of thirds being followed

What i didn’t like:

  • Unavailablity of the tripod leading to little shake
  • Softness

Knight Vs The King

A random shot that i clicked when some of us were playing the Chess game.

Knight Vs The King


Sony H-20 at F/3.5 and 1/2 shutter

ISO-80 at 6mm focal length

What i liked about the image:

  • The bokeh of the King
  • Rule of thirds followed properly

Enjoying the train ride

Clicked this shot randomly on my way to Chandigarh in a train, some fine day. Placed the camera at the base of the window of the train to use it as a tripod.

Stuck between the traffic lights


Sony H-20 at F/4 and 1/60 shutter

ISO-80 at 35 mm

What i liked about the image:

  • The creamy bokeh of the view outside
  • The traffic lights outside