Enable RAW Camera Thumbnails in Windows

For all those who are interested in Photography, here is something that would interests you. Well if you own a DSLR camera then you must have used the RAW image format in the camera to shoot images.

RAW image format is an uncompressed image format shot in the camera. The format is different from other formats like jpg, png as this format does not have any compression in colors or quality. Thus RAW is the finest image produced by the camera sensor which is best for post processing of the pics.

But Windows had lacked displaying the RAW images in its Photo Live gallery and other photo viewers. This was one of the major problems for the photographers as we had to use some third party tool to view and use the images. But Microsoft had recently released the image pack that fixes this problem and provides the support to view and use the RAW image format in Windows.

After installing this codec pack, your Windows system would now be able to support RAW images apart from normal jpg, png, tiff etc. Using this pack, you can not only view the images but also edit them still keeping the original RAW image safe.

After using this pack you would be able to view the RAW images from all of the camera models listed below.

•    Canon: EOS 1000D (EOS Kiss F in Japan and the EOS Rebel XS in North America), EOS 10D, EOS 1D Mk2, EOS 1D Mk3, EOS 1D Mk4, EOS 1D Mk2 N, EOS 1Ds Mk2, EOS 1Ds Mk3, EOS 20D, EOS 300D (the Kiss Digital in Japan and the Digital Rebel in North America) , EOS 30D, EOS 350D (the Canon EOS Kiss Digital N in Japan and EOS Digital Rebel XT in North America), EOS 400D (the Kiss Digital X in Japan and the Digital Rebel XTi in North America), EOS 40D, EOS 450D (EOS Kiss X2 in Japan and the EOS Rebel XSi in North America), EOS 500D (EOS Kiss X3 in Japan and the EOS Rebel T1i in North America), EOS 550D (EOS Kiss X4 in Japan, and as the EOS Rebel T2i in North America), EOS 50D, EOS 5D, EOS 5D Mk2, EOS 7D, EOS D30, EOS D60, G2, G3, G5, G6, G9, G10, G11, Pro1, S90

•    Nikon: D100, D1H, D200, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3s, D300, D3000, D300s, D3X, D40, D40x, D50, D5000, D60, D70, D700, D70s, D80, D90, P6000

•    Sony: A100, A200, A230, A300, A330, A350, A380, A700, A850, A900, DSC-R1

•    Olympus: C7070, C8080, E1, E10, E20, E3, E30, E300, E330, E400, E410, E420, E450, E500, E510, E520, E620, EP1

•    Pentax (PEF formats only): K100D, K100D Super, K10D, K110D, K200D, K20D, K7, K-x, *ist D, *ist DL, *ist DS

•    Leica: Digilux 3, D-LUX4, M8, M9

•    Minolta: DiMage A1, DiMage A2, Maxxum 7D (Dynax 7D in Europe, α-7 Digital in Japan)

•    Epson: RD1

•    Panasonic: G1, GH1, GF1, LX3

The pack is also available for both 32 and 64 bit Windows. Windows users like me will surely have a sigh of relief after downloading this codec pack.

Download Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

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