Rock show

Clicked this pic at the annual UDAAN fest at Infosys Chandigarh 2011, during a rock show.

Rock Show


Canon 500D at F/5 at 1/125 s

ISO-400 at 135mm

Night shot of office building (Infosys Chandigarh)

Another shot of the same building at my office Infosys Chandigarh, as posted before but this time the night shot. Kept the camera on a stable base, set the aperture minimum, ISO to a particular value and self timed it to click for long time. The result was a starry effect as seen.


Canon 500D, F/22 at 30s shutter

ISO-100 at 18mm

What i liked:

  • Starry effect of the light and the moon
  • Properly exposed image

The serene evening (Infosys Chandigarh)

This is a shot of my workplace (Infosys Chandigarh) later in the evening which i clicked during one of the photo walks organized in my campus.

The warm colors of evening


Sony H-20 at F/8 aperture and 1/320 shutter

ISO-80 at 6mm focal and Center Weighted metering

What i liked about the image:

  • Nice and warm colors of the evening.
  • Reflections in the ground.